Worldstack solves a problem. We have built machine learning platforms to augment our Analysts in unearthing data from the surface, deep, and dark web. We follow the threads to create insight and present opportunities and mitigate risks.

  • Data Driven – We collate data from all open sources available

  • Research Led – Machine learning tools amplify our analysts work

  • Outcomes Focused – Our findings power your decision-making

Our mission is to provide tools to enhance the decision-making for our clients with actionable intelligence. This is fuelled by data to which they already have access, but not the tools to turn that data into genuine insight. Until now.

Worldstack OSINT Dashboard


Our Founders met inside a global infosec consultancy where a mutual fascination with the world of emerging data science and the start of its harnessing to the power of modern computing got them talking.

After developing a Proof of Concept software platform, they embraced the cloud and moved to a web app to give clients the power of machine learning tools with near-zero friction.

Worldstack’s tooling combined with their analyst team now partner with intelligence divisions, law enforcement, bio-security, finance and risk teams across public and private enterprises. With the enhanced capabilities provided by our machine learning tools, our clients gain a competitive advantage and address threats and opportunities sooner.

Know First. Act First.


Worldstack was born from a desire to provide greater levels of intelligence to decision-making to protect through counter-terrorism and cyber security measures. Since then, the mandate has widened, but at its core, the raison d’etre for Worldstack remains the provision of tools and analysis to ensure risks and opportunities are fully understood.

Dan Holman
Dan HolmanCEO / Founder

Dan has extensive and detailed experience across the national security and intelligence industry and the wider international community. An acute understanding of business processes within these industries has seen Dan consult at the highest levels within both public and private sectors.

Eric Flis
Eric FlisCOO / Founder

Eric is an expert across Intelligence Collection and Analysis, and possesses a broad and storied history within the security industry. He is responsible for the business operations of WorldStack, including consulting, service delivery and software solutions development.


“Worldstack ran a pilot to assist the Department in the detection of goods that present a biosecurity risk to Australia using open source intelligence and explore feasibility of an automated messaging capability for communicating biosecurity requirements to social media users”

Department of Agriculture and Water Resource
“Provided OSINT Tradecraft training services to The Commonwealth of Australia.”
The Commonwealth of Australia

“APAC Assistance leverage Providence to deliver risk intelligence to their clients operating in the APAC region”

APAC Assistance

“Provided Intelligence Consulting Services and OSINT Tradecraft training to the intelligence team.”

Federal Regulatory Agency


Not every problem has an off-the-shelf solution. Our Principals and team of Analysts build custom answers to your challenge. If it requires the processing of oceans of data, Worldstack will create something truly powerful.


We help you uncover and define your fulcrum – where to find leverage in your business



Worldstack create the custom architecture and elements to solve your challenges.



We pull together the elements to build a working prototype to test and refine



During our beta period we watch and learn to see where we can tweak and improve



We learn from the feedback and performance of this new tool and continuously improve



Our solutions uncover all the information in the world and put it at your fingertips. What will you do with it?

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