What is Providence?

What is Providence and how does it quickly identify information of interest?

Providence allows users to quickly identify information of interest.

Are you interested in finding out which threat actors are targeting Government domains? Want to understand why and how?

Providence allows users to quickly identify information of interest.

Figure 1.

Providence allows users to drill down with one click of the .gov slice on the pie chart to filter results to include only results where .gov domains are mentioned. As can be seen in the figure below a user can also quickly ascertain that the threat actors are targeting .gov domain that are using WordPress as well as various other attack vectors.

Figure 2.

From here we quickly identify a person of interest (POI) and are able to access his profile.

Figure 3.

From the POIs profile we can identify his affiliations, potential location and as can be seen below the Government websites that the POI has compromised.
In the cases highlighted below the POI has defaced a US Military website and a number of Government of Oman websites.

Figure 4.

From here users of Providence can choose to set-up automated monitoring this POI for ongoing investigation.
If you would like to learn more about how Providence can help your organisation please contact us for a confidential discussion.