Threats To Stock Markets

Providence was configured to detect indicators related to cultural issues which could negatively affect a company and its stock prices. Providence was also configured to detect any threats posed by external and internal threats actors such as hacking, breaches and leaked confidential information.

WorldStack set up their open source intelligence platform, Providence to monitor threats and risks associated with the ASX50 listed companies. These threats and risks were looked at both in terms of risks to investors and threats against the listed companies by external threat actors such as hackers.

Providence was configured to detect and monitor all the ASX50 listed companies. Providence collected all data it detected based on those company names. This data was collected from various social media platforms, websites and dark web locations.

The intent was twofold:
– Identify correlations between company cultural issues and the effects on the stock market;

– Identify what types of threats there are related to the ASX50 listed companies and where they are present

To download the full report and read the details of our findings, contact us for an unabridged version.