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WorldStack offer a range of consulting, managed intelligence and intelligence training services. Our experience across Defence, Intelligence and private sector means we are uniquely positioned to satisfy your intelligence needs.
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Intelligence Consulting

Building and maintaining an intelligence capability is hard work. Understanding your organisation’s position and what your next move will be can be challenging.
WorldStack can help ensure organisations spend their intelligence budget wisely through deployment of our services.

Open Source Assessment

WorldStack’s open source assessment provides you with insights from internet data to assist your investigation.

Capability Planning

WorldStack will help you develop a plan for uplifting your intelligence capability.

Intelligence Architecture and Review

Intelligence Architecture and Review

Have our experienced intelligence analysts review your intelligence capability.

Virtual Intelligence Advisor

Provides you with access to a team of intelligence professionals who can augment your team.

Managed Intelligence

WorldStack’s managed intelligence services combine our automation tools with experienced analysts to protect your organization and help you make more informed decisions.

Cyber Security

Receive a feed of actionable intelligence about zero-day vulnerabilities and attacks against your organization and sector.

Protective Security

Add an intelligence feed to your protective security operations to help you identify threats to your assets.

Incident Response

Have our experienced intelligence analysts review your intelligence capability.

Personnel Security

Add digital footprint checking to your security monitoring to help detect insider threats.

Intelligence training

Intelligence Training

Learn the tradecraft of open source intelligence from our experienced analysts. WorldStack provides training courses that suit your needs, from beginner to advanced. Each course is 1 day to avoid disruption to your operations.

OSINT Primer

Learn the basics of open source intelligence. No prior experience or knowledge required.



Learn best practice around collection of open source data including targeting, collection techniques, handling evidence, image data, and OPSEC.



Learn the psychology behind intelligence analysis, structured techniques, cognitive bias, decomposition and visualization and checklists for workflows.

Capture the flag

Capture the flag

Test your skills against our unique Capture the Flag (CTF) scenario.

Group of people to deploy intelligence team

Deploy our intelligence team to help yours

Turn Internet data into actionable intelligence


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