A New Update for Providence

WorldStack would like to announce that its open source intelligence platform Providence has some exciting new features;

  1. 1. Webhook
  2. 2. Link analysis
  3. 3. Machine learning
  4. 4. Reporting
  5. 5. Wordcloud

    Providence now has the capability to send open source intelligence information to remote systems. This capability means that event specific alerts can be generated based on detections made by Providence and then forwarded on to a remote system or solution.

    One particular use case is in cyber security and fusing open source intelligence into a client’s already existing SIEM solution. This gives users a single window into what is happening on their network and in open source. This gives operations staff the ability to correlate activity seen on their network and chatter in open source data.

    Link Analysis
    Another new feature is the inclusion of a link analysis capability. This feature allows users to easily explore the relationships between objects from within the Providence platform.

    Use cases include exploring the relationships between social media users, enabling investigators to identify influencers and fraud detection. Link analysis can assist in the identification of potential fraud through visualising anomalous behaviour.

    Machine Learning
    Providence now comes with machine learning capabilities built in. This feature allows users to easily baseline behaviours and automatically detect anomalies. This can be used to baseline an individual social media user’s activity and alert you to any activity that falls outside the bounds of their normal behaviour.

    The machine learning feature can also be set up to monitor and learn trends and add a confidence level in predicting an event.

    Reporting is now also included. PDF reports can be generated ADHOC or set up as periodic automatically generated reports which can be downloaded or auto emailed to a user.

    Finally Providence now has a wordcloud visualization for its dashboard, which allows users to easily identify high frequency words amongst the scope of traffic they are analysing. Words are displayed in a weighted fashion based on collection activity.

    All of the features above now come as part of Providence standard licensing.