The posts below are broadly related to security concerns taking one or more forms, including, but not limited to; cyber security, data security, information security, physical security, bio-security, or national/regional security.

MEDIA RELEASE – New Tech Brings Windfall

AUSTRALIAN INTELLIGENCE FIRM RAISES HALF A MILLION IN SEED FUNDING CANBERRA, Dec 2018, WorldStack raised half a million dollars in seed round investment from angel investors. “This round of funding will be used to evolve WorldStack’s intelligence platform, Providence, and expand the team to bolster the software development, intelligence operations, product support and sales areas of the business,” explained Chief Operating Officer and co-founder, [...]

OSINT – Identifying Persons of Interest

On September 6th news broke regarding the release of Islamic States new magazine entitled Rumiyah…   While early detection is key such events also present additional opportunities to identify persons of interest (POIs) that may not have previously been known. OSINT solutions provide that ability.   In this Providence use case scenario, we will look at how Providence can be used to quickly identify POIs and other sources [...]

A.I is disrupting ISR and Business Intelligence

What is ISR? Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) is a concept that has its roots in the military. It refers to the capability of acquiring and processing information and disseminating intelligence. The business equivalent is Business Intelligence.   Challenges in ISR 1. Lots of data, at speed ISR data can come from a variety of sources including satellites, manned aircraft, unmanned aircraft (such as [...]

Identifying Bot-nets

In this blog entry we will look at how to use Providence and its new link analysis feature to identify bot-nets and other coordinated activity. The subject matter for this test case will be the US political landscape and attempts, both foreign and national to influence voters using coordinated messaging. While we are using this to explore threats to National political landscapes it can [...]


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