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Risk Scoring with OSINT

Risk Scoring with OSINT What is open source intelligence? Open source intelligence (OSINT) is intelligence that is derived from data gathered from open or publicly available sources. There are two types of open sources – paid, such as fee-based news services and databases (e.g. Lexis Nexis) and free sources. Open sources can be broken down into three categories: Surface web – the area of [...]

What is Providence?

What is Providence? What is Providence and how does it quickly identify information of interest? Providence allows users to quickly identify information of interest. Are you interested in finding out which threat actors are targeting Government domains? Want to understand why and how? Providence allows users to quickly identify information of interest. Figure 1. Providence allows users to drill down with one click of the .gov slice on the pie [...]

Threats To Stock Markets

Threats To Stock Markets Providence was configured to detect indicators related to cultural issues which could negatively affect a company and its stock prices. Providence was also configured to detect any threats posed by external and internal threats actors such as hacking, breaches and leaked confidential information. WorldStack set up their open source intelligence platform, Providence to monitor threats and risks associated with the [...]

Identifying Bot-nets

Identifying Bot-nets In this blog entry we will look at how to use Providence and its new link analysis feature to identify bot-nets and other coordinated activity. The subject matter for this test case will be the US political landscape and attempts, both foreign and national to influence voters using coordinated messaging. While we are using this to explore threats to National political landscapes [...]